Great Pyrenees

We are Great Pyrenees

We are not for Everyone

You want a ball or a frisbee fetched? Try a Retriever

Want a K-9 companion who won't shed, drool , or dig? Maybe a Mini Toy

Require constant fawning devotion? Look into Spaniels

Need a bird pointed  or flushed? Sporting Breeds

Got a coon that needs treeing? Hound time

Have a penchant for instant obedience to whistles, hand signals, or barely expressed whims?

Shelties, Border Collies come to mind

We are Great Pyrenees. we are not for everyone.

We can do some of these things but why?

Motivate us properly and we might or not....

Do you call us arrogant?

We prefer self confident and independent.

Are we aloof?

Discriminating is more accurate.

I heard you mention lazy...

Have you not heard of conservation of energy?

And what about stubborn and disobedient? What about them?

Think assertive and free thinking.

We are a proud breed. Tracing our roots back to the Bronze Age.

So call it "to much barking" or a "protection racket".

We do not care.

We are Great Pyrenees.  We are not for everyone.

Do not let our puppy precociousness fool you. 

We are not little balls of fluff to be played with only to be abandoned

once we become too large to carry around.

We are clever, too clever by far, say some.

We will show you your flaws in your homes, your containment systems, your lives. 

We will stand by while you rectify them or seek smarter humans if you do not.

We are Great Pyrenees. We are not for everyone.

We guard and protect O sheep without fleece.

We are a working breed.  

Perhaps we look as if we are napping but if danger approaches we will rise to the occasion.

Have you seen a wolf or bear nearby?  We think not.

We have been doing our job.

Do you expect subservience from your friends? 

Do they do your bidding without question?

Do they make you feel like an absolute monarch of all you survey?


We will not duplicate that effort.

We are true friends and loving companions.

We will guard your backside and kiss your face.

But not the other way around.


Since Phydeaux Pharm began in 2015 our livestock have been protected by these wonderful dogs.  Aggression is not in their nature, but protecting their wards definitely is.


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